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Welcome to the Wordy Jo Blog!

Welcome to my Wordy Jo Blog—a place filled with lots of wordnerdy things, including tips and tricks for writers, editors, authors, and anyone who's interested in SEO and getting your website found on Google! The Wordy Jo Blog is also a place where, admittedly, I spend more time brain dumping and processing my life shit "out loud" than I do creating useful (or helpful) content for writers, authors, or publishers! So, while I'd love to say that you can read my Wordy Jo Blog to find everything you need to know about memoir-writing, ghostwriting (or being a ghostwriter) or SEO shit or editing tips and tricks, what you're really going to find is a world of insight into what makes me tick.  Which isn't such a bad thing, ya know, cuz if you ever want to find out whether the person you're working with is genuine, just read some of their inner thoughts. 

Also, the rub of being a busy writer, editor, and, is that I seldom have enough time to write MY OWN CONTENT, so it always gets pushed to the bottom of the list. #alwaysthewayitis

The good news is that, if you're intuitive, spiritual, into discovering and growing your self-awareness, and not afraid to dig into the real and raw Jo Johnson, you're probably going to enjoy these posts. Also, full disclosure, I don't SEO optimize personal blogs because I hide them from search engines and could care less if people read them or not. They are usually a rambling, mishmash jumble of craziness, insight, self-deprecating humour, and—at times—sheepish regret (as in, "I'm not very good at apologies, so unfuck yourself or whatever.").

Upcoming Wordy Jo Blog Content

For reals though, I've got EIGHT BLOGS in the works right now that may help you figure out some burning questions about shit like:

  • Reasons writers & authors need website optimization

  • Why publishers should optimize their websites to attract their ideal writers & beat out other publishing agencies

  • Should you hire a memoir ghostwriter or just draft your own story and then get it edited?

  • Real reasons ghostwriters are cooler than mere copywriters! (this one is HILARIOUS)

  • 10 ways copywriters can add SEO skills to their writing toolkits

  • Finding an editor that vibes with you & has mad skills

  • 5 SEO tools every website writer needs to know how to use

  • Should you learn SEO or pay someone to do it for you?

In the meantime, if you're waiting for that ever-elusive but hopefully informative content and you are bored of reading the Wordy Jo Blog and need some writing, SEO, or editing services, I can hook you up!

Services Wordy Jo offers:

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