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Boudoir & Lifestyle Portrait Sessions

Sandra Cisneros is one of my favourite writers and awhile back she said, "I'm obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own skin." I, literally, stood up and yelled, "HECK YEAH, SISTER!" because really, what woman isn't? During my 10+ years as a professional photographer, I helped hundreds of women become obsessed with the skin they were in and the work was extremely fulfilling.

I no longer shoot professionally, but I like to leave these pics up on my site to showcase my creativity and to show off my brave, beautiful clients!

I've been shooting Boudoir photos since 2008 and, even after photographing hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, I have yet to shoot a client who is 100% comfortable in her own skin. Even the young, seemingly flawless superbabes still give me a rundown of the parts of their bodies they "don't like". I've photographed the gamut of ladies, from 19-year-old models to 70-year-olds with great-grandchildren and ALL of them perceive flaws in themselves. 
And I'm SO over that because GUESS WHAT? We are all flawed.
Real women—not the photoshopped, altered, suped-up versions of celebrities or the heavily-filtered "perfect" ladies on Instagram—live REAL lives and we carry the marks of those lives on our bodies. We have scars and stretch marks and extra chunk in places. We have wrinkles on our faces from worrying about our loved ones, from frowning when life stretches us too thin, and from laughing when life delights us. Our bodies are a direct reflection of the lives we live and SO THEY SHOULD BE!

If you're hard on yourself all the time and you're always picking your body apart, comparing it to others, and never allowing yourself any self-love, you will NEVER feel good about your body and you will never be satisfied with who you are. 

Size, shape, and even our wobbly bits don't matter AT ALL compared to how we treat ourselves.

It's HIGH TIME we all get a little more selfish and start loving ourselves more because, WE ALL KNOW, that if you can't love yourself, you can't love others and this world needs all the love it can get right now.

A good place to start is with a Boudoir session. It may scare the pants off you (literally, haha), but I need you to trust me when I tell you that EVERY WOMAN—EVERY. WOMAN.—can LOVE the way she looks with the right clothes (or lack thereof), the right poses for her body type, and a fearless attitude. 

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