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  Wordy Jo Editing Services (Vernon, BC)

Are you looking for editing services? I am a certified editor (I renew my creds every couple years to make sure I keep up with modern changes to all things English) based just outside of Vernon, BC, Canada, who offers editing services for a wide variety of written works. 

Certified Editing Services 

Editing Services

Have you written a memoir ?


A memoir is a a story based on bits and pieces of your life that has an overall message that showcases an underlying theme meant to encourage or help others.


Memoirs use our relatable personal stories to show how we've overcome tough moments in our lives or to spread hope, encouragement, or insight to others. 

Memoir edits are inspirational AF! 


I've been through a lot of shit in my 46 years and EVERY. DANG.TIME. I read another inspirational story by another memoir writer, it fills my soul (and my cup) with so much hope for the world. 

Editing Services

Have you written your Autobiography?


An autobiography is, basically, a recap of your life, from birth to present. 


It covers your life (usually in chronological order) from the moment you graced the planet with your adorable little baby face to where you are today. 

While autobiographies also include stories from your life, they don't generally have an underlying theme or lesson or offering for readers like memoirs do. 

Autobiography edits tend to go faster than memoirs or story manuscripts because they are usually matter-of-fact and easy to map out. 

Editing Services

So! You've written a rad book, yes?


All you need now is for an editor to rip through it, wave a little magical writing fairy dust all over it and KAZAM! 



The truth is that best-selling books are a labour of love + dedication + patience + secret sauce (aka your imagination)!


Book editing is a very complex, time- (and labour-) intensive process that involves many passes through the book manuscript, mixed in with a lot of rearranging, reworking, and rewriting.

Good storytelling + Excellent editing = Best-seller worthy stories.

Editing Services

Aside from offering editing services for memoirs, autobiographies, and books, I also offer some basic editing services for:

  • blogs & articles (including SEO setup and fixes);

  • scientific articles (I have a BSc in Chem, it comes in handy for stuff like this);

  • website copy (including SEO)

  • online course content

  • ads copy

  • essays 

  • grant proposals

  • business plans

  • query letters & publisher submissions for writers

  • jacket edits for authors

  • synopsis edits

How much do editing services cost?

laptop with a manuscript on the screen in front of a campfire in a forest shows part of the editing services offered by wordy jo

I always think of a full manuscript edit as the equivalent of me ripping all of the pages out of your book and laying them—in order, by page—on the floor. Then, I imagine myself taking a pair of scissors and cutting bits and pieces out of each page and re-fitting them together elsewhere. When the rearrange is done, I pull out the red pen and start crossing out lines and paragraphs and tweaking or adding suggestions. Then, you go through it again and rearrange/rewrite and put it all back together again before I do a final sweep for grammar, typos, and formatting. 

A full manuscript edit includes the following: 

  • Full beta read with detailed feedback

  • Developmental edit

  • Line Edit

  • Copyedit & Proofread

How much does a Full Manuscript Edit cost?

$0.25 per word/30,000 word minimum

(That's around 120 pages at 250 words/page.)

Wordy Jo Editor & books.jpg

(aka Structural or Substantive Edit)


Once a writer has completed their manuscript and taken it as far as they can, they are ready for the first step in a book edit: a structural edit. This involves reorganizing and clarifying a manuscript or other written material to ensure the content and structure of the story flow and make sense. In other words, I'm going to make sure your story isn't full of holes and doesn't go off on 428.3 tangents. 

How much does Wordy Jo's Structural Edit cost?

$0.20 per word/30,000 word minimum

wordy jo sits at her laptop wearing an orange dress and jean jacket explaining all of her editing services

The next step in the book-editing process is a line edit.


Line edits are VERY necessary for a well-polished manuscript. A skilled book editor uses a line edit to tighten up sentences to clarify language and meaning, as well as to examine and tweak an author's word choices and context so it matches the tone and feel of the entire story. In other words, consistency is the buzzword of the day when it comes to line editing manuscripts.

How much does a Wordy Jo Line Edit cost?

$0.20 per word/30,000 word minimum

wordy jo hugs her orange kitten punk while sitting against an orange wall and talking about the editing services she offers for writers and authors

Many editors think copyediting and proofreading are separate tasks, but I often do them at the same time. These two are the last steps in the book-editing process before—BOOM!—your book is ready for the bigtime.  

Copyediting involves editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage.


Proofreading sweeps through to make sure there aren't any typos and other shit (formatting or layout issues) that will make your writing look unprofessional.


In other words, someone's gotta get down to the nitty gritty and make it all look pretty...that rhyme was unintentional but amazeballs and, yes, I know "gotta" is improper English. I'm an editor. We know shit.


How much does a Wordy Jo Copyedit & Proofread cost?

Rates start at $0.12/word with 2000 word minimum

Wordy Jo Editor Hot Tip

To save money on editing services, ask people (friends, family, highly-intelligent hobos, 🤷🏻‍♀️) to do a Beta Read for you. This will correct many of the issues before an editor ever sees it AND, I gotta say, we editors fucking LOVE beta readers because they make our job one heckuva lot smoother!

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