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Okanagan Family Photographer

Before I swtiched into full-time writing and editing, I used to be a professional family photographer for 10+ years. I like to keep some of these up to remind myself that I have more than one way of letting my creative freak flag fly! 

Being a family photographer in Vernon, BC (and Kamloops, BC before that) was one of the best parts of being a professional photographer!! Oh family photography, how I loved thee! In my mind, the BEST thing about shooting families was the COMPLETE CHAOS of it all. Kids running around making goofy faces at the camera when their parents just wanted them to sit and smile nicely; littles having complete meltdowns for all sorts of reasons; big belly laughs and tender moments! No two shoots were ever the same and every session was unpredictable and unique and that's exactly how it should be because— let's face it—if family photography were all about sitting down for the perfect portrait, it wouldn't be a very accurate reflection of real life.

Let's keep it real, people!

I miss the crazy kids with their giant giggles, the screaming toddlers having full on tantrums, and the big love of all the families I was fortunate enough to make some magic with. What a rad 10+ year ride that was!


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