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Honour Your Rhythm

What does it mean to honour your rhythm? In a nutshell, it's all about finding the patterns and routines that work best for your energy level, health, and brain and applying them to your work life to ensure success in business.

Knowing what kind of rhythms work best for you is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur!

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This morning, I was listening to an episode about entrepreneurial self-care on Lee Harris’s Impact The World podcast and one of his tips that stuck with me was to “know your rhythm” and work your days around it for maximum success.

It occurred to me that I’ve been doing this—intuitively—for years.

For instance, I know I’m not the sharpest thorn on the rosebush first thing in the morning, so I tend to avoid doing any kind of work (in the wee hours) that involves critical thinking or decision making. Instead, I reserve mornings for quiet, introspective time where I can journal, channel, or pursue creative projects that come naturally without a lot of brainpower.

I also know that I can’t sit still or focus until I’ve worked up a good sweat and then taken my ass (and my dog) outside into the fresh air. Follow that up with a “shower, shit, and shave” (so-to-speak) to prepare myself to tackle the day, and I’m finally good to go.

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And so, it’s usually not until around 10 or 11 a.m. before my brain and body are ready to honour my rhythm and sit down at the computer to get shit done. (Side note: “shit” just fits in a lot of areas of my life, especially my writing. #sorrynotsorry #livewithit)

What happens when we don't honour our rhythm?

I know all of that about myself, and yet...I sometimes dive into work before I go through my morning wind-up routine and—as expected—my work, concentration, and creativity totally suffer for it. It’s on the days when I ignore what I KNOW my body and mind need that I shit the bed on projects, end up working longer than I should, and beat myself up about wasting time when my productivity plummets.

And it's not just me, friends—it's all of us.

Annie Mueller, a freelance writer for Envato, says that "routines are the secret weapon of creative professionals and have been for centuries."

But more than that, routines that also work around the three key components that make up our rhythm—energy level, health, and brain capacity—are a no-brainer (pun completely intended, yo) for achieving maximum success in self-employment.

So when I listened to Lee’s tip this morning, I realized that it was time that I start to not only know my rhythm, but to also honour my rhythm because it’s only through honouring our bodies and minds that we are able to truly enjoy (and excel at) that whole successful work-life balance idea.

Do you know your rhythm? Do you honour it?

Get on it!

Also, check out the amazeballsness that is Lee Harris Energy!

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