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Wordy Jo
SEO Services in
Vernon BC

Is your Vernon BC business looking for SEO help:

  • to bring in more local traffic to your website or storefront?

  • to show up in the Map Pack of Google Business Profile or Bing Places?

  • to get your website found on Google and other search engines?

  • to generate more quality inquiries and leads? 

Cool, we've gotchu, friend!

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Full Website SEO Audit

A full website SEO Audit for your Vernon BC business (or Okanagan business) is the fastest and most thorough way to figure out exactly what your website needs to make it start showing up regularly in online searches. 

Google Business Profile Help

If you sell any kind of product or service LOCALLY and you have a website, you MUST have a Google Business Profile (GBP) set up to be competitive in ONLINE LOCAL SEARCHES! And, your GBP has to be set up RIGHT. Otherwise, you're missing out on potential business, BIGTIME! 

Learn how to SEO with us!

Honestly, if you can nail the basics of SEO, you'll already be 5 steps ahead of your competition. 

If I had a dime for every time a business owner has told me that they created their website to look really nice, but did nothing (and know nothing) about SEO, I'd have around $35.10. 😵‍💫 Even the basics will put you ahead of the competition.  

Hire us to do your SEO Monthly

We get it—some businesses don't have the time or the capacity to cram in one more item on the todo list, like SEO—so we do offer a few different SEO packages for local Okanagan businesses. 

Is your Vernon BC business looking for SEO help?

Is your Vernon BC business (or Okanagan business) looking for SEO help or SEO services to:

  • help you get more local traffic to your website or storefront?

  • help you show up in the Map Pack of Google Business Profile or Bing Places?

  • get your website found on Google and other search engines?

  • generate more inquiries and leads? 


Maybe you've built a rad website (or had one built) but your website isn't showing up in online searches and not bringing you any inquiries or leads?  That's because your website isn't optimized (doesn't have any or the right kind of SEO) so Google won't recognize it as a good site that deserves to be ranked and displayed on search engines pages.


Basically, Google is the granddaddy of all search engines—the one that determines how worthy of ranking a website is—and it wants you to jump through a bunch of hoops before it will even think about allowing your website to be found in searches, let alone throw your site to the top of page 1 for the world to see. 


And, to be blunt, most people don't know Jack about search engine optimization or what they need to do to get their websites approved and ranked by the Google algorithms. What you need—to get your Vernon BC website recognized and ranked and showing up in online searches—is an SEO expert. Much like you take your car to a mechanic when it's broken down, you need to take your website to a website "mechanic" (aka an SEO specialist) when it's messed up. And if it's not showing up in searches, it's messed up!


This is why geeknerds like me—who offer SEO services in Vernon BC and beyond—spend so much time learning and implementing everything we can about SEO, so we can help YOU get your website to show up and bring you more business.

Here's something a lot of local business owners don't know: If your site doesn't show up in searches, it also doesn't have a hope of showing up in local searches (in places like the map pack on Google Business Profile or Bing Places).

And ALL of that—your website showing up in online and local searches around Vernon BC or the Okanangan area—dances around the Maypole that is SEO. And if you're not implementing (and maintaining) the SEO on your website and online platforms, your business WON'T SHOW UP! So you NEED to get your SEO dialled in. 

Otherwise, you may as well fill up your online time watching porn, cuz that's about all the action you'll be getting online. #imakemyselflaughdaily

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