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Vernon BC SEO Services

Get website and local SEO Help with Wordy Jo, SEO Consultant

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LINQ Flooring has had the pleasure to work with Jo recently. She is a wealth of knowledge and explains everything in plain language! The training she offered is fantastic and worth every penny. The training session is taped so that you can go back and refer to it. Brilliant! Within a couple days of her helping us with our Google Business Profile, we moved up to number 1 and 2 spot on GBP! LINQ Flooring would highly recommend Jo for any business!

— Nathalie, Owner of Linq Flooring

Twist Pose

I'm so happy I found Jo through a friend of ours who hired her last year to do some work with his website. Our studio has been around in the Okanagan for a few years but we were not coming up in searches for terms like holistic healer or holistic health or energy healing in our area because they are so highly used. Jo taught us how to do a full analysis of our local competitors and compare them to our own website performance. She taught us how to find out what search terms they were showing up for and which ones we could also use and how we could use them to get our clinic to show up too. She even taught us how to write articles for our site and make sure they were set up with SEO. Jo did a full overhaul of our website and rewrote a bunch of it so it was more SEO’d (is that a word?) and set us up with a keyword tracker so we can keep following the progress of our search terms that are actually helping our website show up on Google.

She’s a patient and thorough teacher and she really knows her SEO, so much so that I would take notes during our calls and then read up on them after and find that she was always accurate with her answers. Sorry for checking up on you Jo! haha. Lastly we now have an ongoing quarterly audit and fixes contract set up with her where she checks up on our site, our analytics, and our keyword efforts and either helps us to make the changes we need to or does them for us if we’re too busy. We have consistently been showing up on page one and on the google map listings for over a year and before Jo we weren’t even coming close to page one and didn’t show up on the map anywhere. Like I said we are so happy we found her and we know she gets a lot of her clients by word of mouth but I decided to send her a review in case someone who doesn’t know her is looking for someone to help you with your SEO. Highly recommend her! Thanks so much Jo!

—Christie, Yoga Therapist

Is your Vernon BC business (or Okanagan business) looking for SEO services:

  • to help you get more local traffic to your website or storefront?

  • to show up in the Map Pack of Google Business Profile or Bing Places?

  • to get your website found on Google and other search engines?

  • to generate more inquiries and leads? 


Maybe you've built a rad website (or had one built) but it's not showing up in online searches and not bringing you any inquiries or leads?  That's because your website isn't optimized (SEO'd) so Google won't recognize it as a good site that deserves to be ranked and displayed on search engines pages. Basically, Google is the granddaddy of all search engines—the one that determines how good a website and its information is—and it wants you to jump through a bunch of hoops before it will even think about allowing your website to be found in searches, let alone throw your site to the top of page 1 for the world to see. 


And, to be blunt, most people don't know Jack about search engine optimization or what they need to do to get their websites approved and ranked by the Google algorithms. And what you need—to get your Vernon BC website recognized and ranked and showing up in online searches—is an SEO expert. Much like you take your car to a mechanic when it's broken down, you need to take your website to a website "mechanic" (aka an SEO expert) when it's messed up. And if it's not showing up in searches, it's messed up!


This is why geeknerds like me—who offer SEO services in Vernon BC and beyond—spend so much time learning and implementing everything we can about SEO, so we can help YOU get your website to show up and bring you more business.

Here's something a lot of local business owners don't know: If your site doesn't show up in searches, it also doesn't have a hope of showing up in local searches (in places like the map pack on Google Business Profile or Bing Places).

And ALL of that—your website showing up in online and local searches about Vernon BC or the Okanangan area—revolves around the beast that is SEO. And if you're not implementing (and maintaining) the SEO on your website and online platforms, your business WON'T SHOW UP! So you NEED to get your SEO dialled in. 

Otherwise, you may as well fill up your online time watching porn, cuz that's about all the action you'll be getting online. #imakemyselflaughdaily

Wordy jo laughs at her laptop about bad SEO as she talks about her seo services in vernon bc

Website SEO + Google Business Profile Help in Vernon BC 

If you're looking for some website help in Vernon, BC, or you don't know how to use your Google Business Profile, Wordy Jo's SEO Services in Vernon BC are what you need.  


Our SEO services in Vernon BC will:

  • get your website SEO optimized and fixed to boost your online presence and get your site showing up in online searches.

  • show you how to add SEO into your website (we work in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Showit + Shopify sites regularly) so you can keep up with the SEO momentum once your website SEO is optimized.

  • to start showing up in local searches for Vernon BC or other Okanagan areas, such as in the Map Pack of Google Business Profile (which is ESSENTIAL for local businesses with storefronts if they want to be competitive and successful)

  • teach you (or your team) the basics of SEO—the most important aspects of on-page SEO that anyone can learn and use if they have the right teacher. This will make sure you know how to stay current in your rankings on online searches, so you'll keep getting traffic and leads in Vernon. 

Vernon BC SEO Services: SEO Audit + Online Assessment + SEO Fixes

Full SEO site audit  to find out:

  • if only one version of your site is browseable.

  •  if your site is indexed properly.

  • where your site speed is at and if it needs fixing or improving.

  • if you rank for your brand name on Google and other search engines.

  • what's going on with your on-page SEO and what needs fixing (this covers all tech & Meta, structured data, and content on your site, including an in-depth content audit). 

  • where your organic search traffic sits and how it can be improved.

  • where you're at for organic keyword rankings (search terms about your biz that rank on search engines).

  • how many backlinks (other sites that link out to your site) you have, what quality they are, and how you can use them to increase traffic to your site and your presence online.

  • if you have broken links on your site and show you how to fix them.

  • if you have content gaps (keywords that your competitors rank for that you don't).

  • what your Google Analytics & Google Search Console can tell me about where your site is at overall and what's performing/not performing.


Front facing website audit to assess:

  • if your website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and structured properly.


Google Business Profile (local search engine) audit to check:

  • Where your GBP setup is at

  • If you have all your INFO set up properly

  • If you're verified and set up to show up in the Google Map Pack

  • If your images are geotagged for your location

  • If your descriptions are optimized

  • If your categories are set up properly

  • If your posts are created for maximum traffic

  • If you're utilizing all aspects of this highly-important local search engine


Map of all SEO fixes needed + Execution of fixes

  • We take everything we find in your website and GBP audit, plus the info from your Google Analytics, and put it into a handy map of all SEO fixes you need (including all technical fixes + content fixes)

  • We'll fix all SEO issues that come up in the Audit.

Final Report of all SEO audit findings, fixes, and recommendations.

  • Once all fixes are done, you'll get a final analysis and report of all findings and fixes with recommendations of where to go  (and what to do) once the fixes are completed and your SEO is dialled in and ready to rock + a consult call to answer any questions you have about ongoing SEO)

Competitive Analysis + Keyword Content Strategy

✅ SEO Competitive Analysis

  • Deep-dive into your three closest competitors (where they sit in the rankings, how much traffic they're getting, what's bringing in that traffic, backlink analysis, keyword analysis (including common keywords you share and keyword gap of keywords they rank for that you don't)

✅ SEO Keyword Strategy

  • A very detailed content strategy based on your and your competitors' keywords (including which keywords to focus on, how to use them, and detailed content outlines for the top 5 keywords you need to focus on right now)


Why do I need an competitive analysis or keyword strategy?

Once the technical SEO for your website and online presence is tweaked and fixed, ongoing SEO upkeep is ESSENTIAL to get your website to show up and keep climbing the rankings on Google.

The EASIEST way to make that happen is to become a content machine (be it with SEO-optimized blogs, SEO tied to social posts, SEO-optimized YouTube videos, updating your local search engine content (GBP and Bing Places) regularly, or whatever else). 


Kicking ass at SEO and ranking high on search engines starts with knowing WHICH search terms to use and HOW to use them. In other words, you have to be able to give searchers answers or info about what they're searching for. And, to do that, you have to KNOW and UNDERSTAND search intent and how to find the right search terms (keywords) to use and how to use them to BEAT YOUR COMPETITION. 


Competitive Analysis + Keyword Content Strategy is the best way to get started on this.  


But, since most people don't have the time or bandwidth to dig into this stuff, or they don't understand how to do it, it's easiest to just hire someone who does know how to do it and who can give you all the intel on your closest competitors, what kind of content they are producing that is kicking your ass, and how to use that info to kick theirs and overtake them in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages—think Page 1 on Google, Page 2 on Google, etc.)


A Competitor Analysis & KW Content Strategy will give you an easy-to-follow plan of what keywords you need to focus on and what kind of content to create to move up on the SERPs and hopefully leave your competitors in the dust. 

If I could offer any advice on this, I'd say don't think about it, just do it. GO!


What else do I need to have good SEO?

If you're not great at content creation, you may need someone to help you with it:

  • Creation of NEW customized long-form & evergreen content related to your niche 

  • YouTube video SEO optimization 

If you have questions about SEO in Vernon BC or beyond, I'm here for ya!

You can also find me for all things SEO and other cool marketing shit over at Meet Pepper!

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