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SEO Training Services

Get Search Enging Optimization (SEO) Training in Vernon, BC 

Is your small business in Vernon BC or in the Okanagan looking for some SEO training?


If you have a small biz in Vernon BC or the Okanagan area of British Columbia and you've noticed that your website (as rad as it may seem) is NOT bringing in traffic or leads and doesn't seem to be showing up in online searches, it's time for some Search Engine Optimization training. 

If I had a dime for every person who told me they couldn't learn how to do their own SEO, I'd have about 90 cents. 🤣


My point is that you don't have to hire someone like me—an experienced SEO strategist—to do your SEO for you! Getting your website search savvy is not rocket science—anyone can learn how to do it if they have the right SEO training and the right SEO teacher. 

I am the right SEO teacher! (Brag, brag, braggity brag brag...🙄)

I've been teaching peeps how to do their own SEO for years and I'm happy to say that many of them have websites that are performing well in searches and kicking ass on their competition.


Just ask local Vernon BC business owner, Nathalie from Linq Flooring in Vernon BC! We had a few training sessions and now her site shows up for a bazillion search terms in local searches and in broader searches. 


LINQ Flooring has had the pleasure to work with Jo recently. She is a wealth of knowledge and explains everything in plain language! The training she offered is fantastic and worth every penny. The training session is taped so that you can go back and refer to it. Brilliant! Within a couple days of her helping us with our Google Business Profile, we moved up to number 1 and 2 spot on GBP! LINQ Flooring would highly recommend Jo for any business!

— Nathalie, Owner of Linq Flooring

Twist Pose

I'm so happy I found Jo through a friend of ours who hired her last year to do some work with his website. Our studio has been around in the Okanagan for a few years but we were not coming up in searches for terms like holistic healer or holistic health or energy healing in our area because they are so highly used. Jo taught us how to do a full analysis of our local competitors and compare them to our own website performance. She taught us how to find out what search terms they were showing up for and which ones we could also use and how we could use them to get our clinic to show up too. She even taught us how to write articles for our site and make sure they were set up with SEO. Jo did a full overhaul of our website and rewrote a bunch of it so it was more SEO’d (is that a word?) and set us up with a keyword tracker so we can keep following the progress of our search terms that are actually helping our website show up on Google.

She’s a patient and thorough teacher and she really knows her SEO, so much so that I would take notes during our calls and then read up on them after and find that she was always accurate with her answers. Sorry for checking up on you Jo! haha. Lastly we now have an ongoing quarterly audit and fixes contract set up with her where she checks up on our site, our analytics, and our keyword efforts and either helps us to make the changes we need to or does them for us if we’re too busy. We have consistently been showing up on page one and on the google map listings for over a year and before Jo we weren’t even coming close to page one and didn’t show up on the map anywhere. Like I said we are so happy we found her and we know she gets a lot of her clients by word of mouth but I decided to send her a review in case someone who doesn’t know her is looking for someone to help you with your SEO. Highly recommend her! Thanks so much Jo!

—Christie, Yoga Therapist

Wordy jo laughs at her laptop about bad SEO as she talks about her seo services in vernon bc

SEO + Google Business Profile Training in Vernon BC 

If you're ready to tackle some SEO training for your small business website in Vernon BC, we can teach you how to dial in your website SEO with a short list of must haves AND how to tie your website SEO into your Google Business Profile (GBP)  listing (the BEST way to get found in local searches). 


Wordy Jo SEO Training in Vernon BC will:

  • show you how to analyze your website & GBP to see where your SEO is at.

  • show you where to input SEO on your site (we work in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Showit + Shopify sites regularly). 

  • show you exactly what you need to do to show up in local searches for Vernon BC or other Okanagan areas—this is essential for local businesses that want to beat out the local competition! 

  • train you in ALL the basics of SEO—on-page SEO that every website needs and some cool off-page SEO shit that you can implement to get a leg up on the competition. 

How Learning SEO will help your business:

Gives your biz search advantage, locally and globally!

SO MANY small businesses in Vernon BC and in the Okanagan area don't bother to implement (or even learn) SEO basics on their sites. They just create something they think looks amazing and then sit back and wait for their ideal clients to find them. And then, when nobody shows up to buy their products or services, they get discouraged and give up or they start spending bazillions of dollars on online ads, trying desperately to drive traffic to their sites. 

Taking SEO training with Wordy Jo SEO eliminates all of that, including the need to pay for ads for most businesses. Learning some SEO will give you a sound knowledge of what you need to do to show up in online searches above the businesses in Vernon who do nothing to help their SEO and to compete with ones that do!

Lastly, you'll learn some inside industry tips and tricks that most SEOs don't share with their clients (because that's why they pay us the big bucks, yo!)—tips that get you found faster and consistently. 

Helps you hire the right people for your SEO work!

Learning how to do your own SEO with some SEO training will help your Vernon BC business thrive if, and when, you decide to hire an SEO strategist to bang out your SEO for you.


How? Well, you'll be familiar with the terminology so they won't be able to bullshit you (because LOTS of people take advantage of clients who get lost in the tech talk)! You'll be able to check on their progress and understand the reports they're giving you. And you'll be able  to understand what questions to ask them about their strategy and plan for your website traffic and be able to contribute. 

Other ways Wordy Jo can help with your SEO besides with training?

If you're not great at content creation, you may need someone to help you with it:

  • Creation of NEW customized long-form & evergreen content related to your niche 

  • YouTube video SEO optimization 

If you have questions about SEO in Vernon BC or beyond, I'm here for ya!

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