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SEO Services
Vernon, BC

SEO Services
Vernon, BC

Looking for SEO help in Vernon BC?

If you're looking for some help with your website SEO in Vernon, BC or in the Okanagan area, Wordy Jo SEO Services can help your Vernon BC business start showing up in online searches.

We've been helping Vernon BC businesses (and other bizzies around the world) bring in more quality traffic from ideal clients since 2016. And while no SEO specialist (who is honest) will ever promise you that they can get your site to Page one on Google or get you into the top spot, we can definitely guarantee that we'll get your site moving up in rankings and placement. AND, we'll help you to hone your traffic into a higher quality audience—you know, the folks you WANT searching for your goods or services—the ones who will buy from you.

Let's face it, when your website doesn't show up on Google or other search engines, it just plain sucks and you're losing out on a lot of potential customers or clients. So, if you want more quality traffic to your Vernon BC business's website or if you're struggling to show up in searches, let us help you. We know our shit and we have happy clients who will tell you as much. 

Wordy Jo Services

wordy jo seo laughs as she poses a question about Google Business profile

Google Business 
Profile Help

If someone searches for a business like yours, do you pop up in local searches? This is key for local businesses!

wordy jo seo consultant sits at her laptop in front of an orange wall teaching a vernon bc business owner the basics of search engine optimization

Learn SEO Basics for your Biz

Knowing the basics will give you an edge over your competition!

SEO is NOT hard to learn. It's all about jumping through hoops!

wordy jo seo consultant laughs as she explains the necessity of a full website seo audit as part of her services

Full Website
SEO Audit

Do you know what your website needs—technical & User Experince-wise—to dominate searches?

wordy jo seo consultant sits against a blue wall holding up books about editing  as part of her teaching offerings for seo courses for vernon bc businesses

Learn Intermediate
SEO for your Biz

Once you get the basics, the sky's the limit! Learn how to analyze your website data & use it to keep your site ranked above your competition.

wordy jo seo services consultant in vernon bc canada looks thoughtful as she asks if a client website is user friendly enough to get noticed by google

(UX Signals)Audit

Is your website user-friendly enough to exceed Google's expectations and dominate searches?

jo johnson sits against an orange wall wearing a jean shirt and smiling as she explains how she can teach any vernon bc business owner how to work in their webiste platform

Learn how to make changes and add SEO to your website.

WordPress? Wix? SquareSpace? Shopify? We know them all and can show you how to use them.

Is your website engaging and well set up to capture and keep the attention of your ideal clients?

Does your business show up in LOCAL searches? Do you dominate the map pack?

Get an in-depth analysis of your website's SEO—technical & user-friendly analyses.

Find out where you sit in search rankings compared to your closest competition

Learn how to do SEO for your Vernon BC business

SEO for your Vernon BC business isn't as difficult as people think it is. It starts with some basics (which anyone can do if they have someone like me with the know-how to teach them) and it gets easier, bit by bit, as you learn and grow.

If you want to save money or you're the DIY Biz type, learning the ins and out of SEO is the way to go. At the beginning, Wordy Jo will teach you all the basics and show you how to get them up on your site. After that, you can keep up on just the basics for your site OR you can come back for more and really dial in your knowledge and understanding of how to dominate online searches in Vernon BC and surrounding areas!

wordy jo an seo teacher in vernon bc sits at her computer helping a local okanagan business owner learn the basics of seo

SEO Resources

Check out these examples of properly SEO-optimized blogs!

Hit us up for a FREE SEO assessment of your website!

Thanks for getting in touch! I'll get back to you within 72 hours. 🤸🏻‍♂️

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