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Hi! I’m Wordy Jo Johnson, an SEO Consultant, ghostwriter and editor
based in Vernon, BC, Canada. 

I'm a ghostwriter, SEO Consultant, & Certified Editor

To save you time, here's the gist of what this seasoned wordnerd can do for you!



  • you are looking for help with getting your website to SHOW UP in Google searches (and on other search engines) to bring in more clients, sell more copies of your books, or attract your ideal demographic of talent!SEO SERVICES

  • you have a story to tell and need someone to tell it for you or you need online content created.

  • you're a memoir writer searching for a highly-skilled editor who is fast, efficient, and extremely English-savvy (and who also happens to have a wicked sense of humour and the ability to teach you to be a better writer as I edit your work)!


Honestly, JO is the best SEO writer and blog writer I have come across! 


My blogs views have gone up dramatically since hiring her.


I got professional website seo done PRE Jo and then Jo came in and upgraded everything—finding all gaps where I was losing searchability. Not only is she amazing at writing incredibly resourceful blogs (I hired 3 before Jo and she’s like no other!), she is also a dream to work with. She has the best suggestions and is super quick on executing.


Jo is truly incredible! I’m a proud client! And I don’t wish to share her (haha). Well worth the investment! 

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Wordy Jo
Memoir Ghostwriting Services

I offer a few kinds of ghostwriting services under my Wordy Jo umbrella. My main ghostwriting bread and butter comes from memoirs and non-fiction manuscripts (something I enjoy the shit out of because connection is LIFE and learning the stories behind the people I meet is teaches me SO MUCH about humanity and myself). I also ghostwrite blogs, website copy, and other online content.

Wordy Jo
SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what I like to call practical creativity. Creating a website that gets FOUND AND RANKED by search engines is more than just understanding how to optimize a website by jumping through Google's hoops (which I do, VERY well), it’s also about having the creative know-how to write compelling copy with SEO components mixed in. SEO is one of my fave things to do because I’m results-driven and, when I can take a website with crap SEO and set it to rights and then teach its owner to keep that shit up, my heart explodes with happiness when I see it climbing up the rankings.

Wordy Jo
Editing Services

When it comes to editing services, I run the gamut—from editorial assessments to full book edits with developmental and line editing to basic copyediting and proofreading.

I’m trained in all editing modalities and I have plenty of experience with all of them. Many peeps out there think editing is boring, but there is something extremely satisfying about taking an unpolished manuscript or other written work and making it so shiny it hurts my eyes.

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I spend my days immersed in words (and geeknerdy, technical SEO things), surrounded by the ridiculously inspirational, soul-awakening landscape of Vernon, British Columbia.


Things I LOVE about being a wordnerd and an SEO geeknerd:

 🖋 I DIG ENGLISH and all things wordy!

🖋 I DIG GEEKNERDY stuff and like to see stats-driven results! 



...and I am basically a hermit who would rather spend her time surrounded by mountains and forest creatures rather than hanging out in peopley places! (Not that I don't LIKE people, I just really LOVE working and playing in the backcountry.)


PLUS, life is FLEETING, so it makes MEGA sense to choose a career that revolves around something that feeds my soul. Ghostwriting and geeknerding over proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes this gal one happy little wordnerd! And, oh, I'm also a certified editor. 🤸🏻‍♂️


The name of my biz—Wordy Jo—is actually a clever double entendre (because I love writing, but I can also talk the ear off an elephant). 😂 🐘 Those who know me well hear that Wordy Jo is the name of my biz and always give a big, lighthearted belly laugh. 

Beverage Mug and a Laptop

Being a memoir ghostwriter in Canada is totally my jam!


Not even kidding! Obsessed! I freakin' LOVE ghostwriting for other peeps! (HOLY EXCLAMATION MARKS, BATMAN!!!)


If you don't enjoy writing or if you suck at it but you have a story to tell, I can help. Memories, biographies, autobiographies, and non-fiction manuscripts are just some of the many services I offer as a Canadian ghostwriter. BUT! I'm not just a ghostwriter in Vernon, BC, Canada—I write for people all over the dang world.  


Everybody has a story to tell, but not everybody has the time or expertise to tell it. I'll be 100% stoked to meet with you and work some ghostwriting magic while we tell your story.  

Check out the list of ghostwriting services I offer!

My road to becoming Search Engine Optimization savvy (aka getting your website to show up on Google and other search engines) started with a very personal, very "tragic" life (and business) lesson. However, had it never happened, I would not have discovered SEO and my little geeknerd heart would never have exploded with geeknerdy happiness. 

Now that I know all about it, I spend a lot of my time teaching others to learn it and live it too. And, DANG! does it feel good to watch my clients' websites start popping up in searches. 

Check out my SEO Consulting Services and SEO Writing Services!

I am also a certified editor who specializes in editing books for Independently Published Authors (aka self-publishing authors or "Indies") and I dig helping writers who are starting out at the grassroots level (aka down there in the writing trenches, where all good writers start out).


A good writer—even an established one—knows that the best stories are a combination of rad writing paired with brilliant editing.


Whether you're just starting out on this whole book-writing journey or you've been writing for years, I've got you! It's my job to get you the tools you need to figure this shit out and rock it. My main goal with editing books—or any or any written work, actually—is to polish each story to a brilliant shine, while also educating writers along the way. I want my writers to learn and improve as they go. 

Plus, I should also disclose that I have a giant potty mouth. 😬 I'm going to give you all the constructive feedback you need—straight up—while most likely dropping a few f-bombs along the way. It's who I am—a smart lady with a smart mouth.🤷🏻‍♀️


Check out my editing services

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