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Wordy Jo

Looking for a Ghostwriter in Canada for your memoir?

Rad! Love me some

Ghostwriting Memoir Services for Canadians

Hiring a ghostwriter for your memoir is easy.


This is how it works:


  • We meet & have a nice chat about your memoir project.

  • I sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) stating I won't talk about your ideas or memoir to anyone except you (and anyone else directly involved).

  • I write a few pages of your memoir based on our chat.

  • You decide whether your vision and my writing style jive and, if they do, we sign a contract and get writing.

How much does it cost to hire Wordy Jo to ghostwrite your memoir?

My base memoir-writing rate (now in my 7th year as a professional memoir writer & being a certified editor) is $10,000, delivered according to the following percentages:

  • 15% non-refundable deposit upon signing ($1500)

  • 15% upon delivery of outline and first three chapters ($1500)

  • 35% upon delivery of first completed draft ($3500)

  • 35% upon delivery of revised manuscript ($3500)

NOTE: My contracts INCLUDE all editing, except the final proofing (because that needs to be done by a fresh set of eyes).  HELLO, friends! Having a professional editor ALSO write your memoir is, well...a big ass bonus, y'all!


My contracts also allow for opt-outs (after the first three chapters have been delivered and paid for) because I get it, shit happens! I also have payment plans for anyone who wants to pay equal amounts over a six-month period (the typical length of time it will take us to write your memoir and do revisions on it).

Recent Client Love

"Hi Jo,
As I mentioned this morning, please see attached FYI.
Thanks for everything, you've been amazing.

Chadia Chalmers

Anonymous Memoir-writing Services (aka Ghostwriting Services)


Most ghostwriters (like this gal right here) PREFER to remain anonymous.


Sometimes though, we are fortunate enough to score rad clients—like my girl Chadia there—who are totally cool with letting us reveal who they are as part of social proof that we don't suck and we aren't just blowing smoke.  


Hiring a ghostwriter means that you'll hire me to write (and/or edit) a book for you and then you slap your name on it as the author and act as though I never existed. And I just drift back into the ether...I know, spooky! 


Many writers HATE the idea of putting their time and energy (and heart) into a project that will never have their name associated with it. But lemme tell ya, ghostwriters are NOT those kinds of writers. We ghostwriters prefer to remain anonymous, living reclusive lives, working in our PJs, surrounded by our 22 cats. (pssst...Don't tell my husband that I just rescued another lil feline furball while he's been out of town working. 😹)


Since the majority of the ghostwriting services I offer are memoirs and other non-fiction works, it would be mighty awkward if they were written by SOMEONE ELSE. #knowwhatimsayin

Being a Memoir Ghostwriter in Canada is kinda my jam...because hermitting is cool!


The older I get, the more anonymity I crave and I also understand that many people out there have rad stories to tell but don't have the expertise to tell them and I have zero issues with writing incognito. I'm an extroverted introvert and tend to hermit...a lot, so the chance of one of your readers ever running into me and finding out I wrote your book or memoir is pretty dang slim.


It's too peopley out there for me most of the time—this is why I write from home, in my PJs...hell, sometimes naked.  😮 Don't worry, I'll throw on a robe or something when we're Zooming.

I also have degrees in both Arts and Sciences, so I'm pretty much a GD wizard at researching and feel confident that my ghostwriting services can cover almost anything.


So, yah, no biggy! I'll write it and you publish it and take all the credit. Enjoy your fame and fortune, I'll be over here with my Crazy Cat Lady mug.

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